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  • Newtypes, suit up - we've got new mobile suits coming to New #GUNDAM BREAKER! Build and break parts from Gundam Ava… https://t.co/XWDXIPRBTY 26/Apr/2018 03:39:14
  • RT @gamespot: Bandai Namco announces new World War I game https://t.co/5Uy1EUeRrc https://t.co/3sG8PSLs5H 26/Apr/2018 02:41:45
  • Prepare to take your shinobi missions on-the-go when NARUTO SHIPPUDEN: ULTIMATE NINJA STORM TRILOGY launches for th… https://t.co/6loyNmKPEu 26/Apr/2018 01:00:00
  • @TerryTheBuneary @IGN Then it would be Zamasu since he possess immortality. 26/Apr/2018 00:32:42
  • @TerryTheBuneary @IGN That depends, is that with or without the gauntlet? 🤔 26/Apr/2018 00:23:22
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