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  • @Arbys @DaltonDo Dang! Should’ve said “Mint 2-B” 14/Dec/2018 18:55:40
  • Brace yourselves because Asta is joining JUMP FORCE! Harness the power of his anti-magic swords and strike down you… https://t.co/nvmmSkWDjV 14/Dec/2018 17:50:45
  • The Villains event is underway! Use Toga in unranked matches 5 times to unlock a Striped Pink Scarf! Have you use… https://t.co/7kQlGGV7WU 14/Dec/2018 17:00:01
  • Holy smokes! Negan, a brutal and ruthless leader of the Saviors in @WalkingDead_AMC, will be bringing his brand of… https://t.co/uZGxkN3K1A 14/Dec/2018 14:00:00
  • Get ready for the final Saga event at Couch Warriors Crossup #CWC! Who will get the last Dragon Ball to move on to… https://t.co/e45HllZIUL 14/Dec/2018 04:00:00
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